CargoChain is the information backbone of the physical supply chain. It supports the distribution of previously unavailable cargo information, and the development of third-party applications that will redefine the global information supply chain.

The ability to share information about the movement and state of cargo among all supply chain participants has the power to transform the global supply chain.


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No other platform supports the supply chain development community like CargoChain.

With the world’s largest repository of rich cargo information providing a single source of the truth to all supply chain actors, CargoChain will be the foundation of all supply chain applications.

The distribution of rich cargo information, in a secure manner, will speed up supply chains globally. CargoChain is a blockchain platform for application developers to build and deploy supply chain solutions enabling the secure distribution of previously unavailable cargo information among trusted partners.


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The CargoChain Platform has been designed in a way that provides flexibility, capability and security.

CargoChain’s technology philosophy is to use open, modern technologies, to scale for unlimited growth, maintain complete availability, and provide the most trusted and secure environment.